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The Terms and Conditions here state the rules and regulations of the website that are for the buyers, visitors, subscribers of the site. The user needs to accept these rules to continue using the site, or else you are required to stop doing any activity in this site. Please read the statements given below carefully and clear all the doubts.

These Terms and Conditions might be modified or changed in future when its necessary. Customers must ensure that they regularly visit to check the regulations.

 The website is not supposed to be used by children, ie, the website is supposed to be used by those who are 18 years or above. The site will not be accountable for any issues due to the same, so those under the age limit should refrain using the page unless there is supervision of parents. In such a case the adult who helped the child will be responsible.

We inform the buyers to go through the import laws of their country so as to avoid obstacles or returns.

We take efforts to make sure that the informations are reached to you clearly and completely, this includes the graphics, price, description, etc. However there might be some errors which we will rectify soon.

We request our customers to share if any such errors are found in our site. We would like to get reviews and remarks on our site. The updates on the site are based on individual opinions. We are not answerable for any random ads that are posted elsewhere other than our own website.

We can delete any misleading comment or terminate a person's account without any notification if they are found guilty which may also lead to the cancellation of the order placed.

We send regular and occasional emails to the users to convey important information regarding the order such as for confirmation, payment etc. transmission details, special offers. Those who are not interested in receiving such mails have the option to hit the Unsubscribe button provided at the bottom of each email.

We ensure complete privacy for everyone who have visited, created account, and made purchases. This is done by not sharing their valuable information to any third parties. We also protect sensitive data such as credit card details. This ensures complete privacy from our side.

We do not entertain anybody to copy or share our unique properties which include trademark, trade name, service marks, logo, texts, graphical data, and so on. If we find out that someone has tried that they are required consequences.

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