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Returns & Refund

It’s a great pleasure to know that you are happy with the service we provided via this website. We assure to provide you products and services without any compromise in quality.

There may be cases in which you would like replace or refund the products, even if this happens rarely for refund or replacement purpose the problem must be genuine. Read the following statements clearly:

a) If the customer received a wrong product regarding quality, size, quantity.etc.

b) If the product has been damaged, i.e. leaked, broken etc.

c) If the product received is near to its expiry date or has expired already.                                      

You will get the amount refunded if the issue is any of the above mentioned. If any damage to the product is caused by the customer on their own we would not entertain any refund. If the address provided is wrong and the product is delivered the customer cannot request for any refund. After the replacement of the product we assure that the refund process will not be too late. Cancelling the existing order is possible only if the product is not dispatched from our place. Kindly note that the credit card company requires a standard time of 10-15 days to show the refund amount. If it takes more than that, the corresponding authorities are required to be responsible and the matter is subject to communication. Also know that the amount you get refunded will not include the shipping expenses, only the price of the commodity. Orders once cancelled cannot be shipped again the consumer has to place another order to get the product.